Whee, a balloon

Far Off Places

Far Off Places is a magazine featuring creative writing and illustration which launched in spring 2013. Despite being based in Edinburgh, we spread our loving tentacles over Europe and across the Atlantic. Our mission in life is to make you laugh, ponder, and wince. We seek stories and poems to twine into a rope thrown from a lifeboat or to build into a yellow brick road.

We hope to reach, enchant and grip readers who wouldn’t ordinarily pick up a literary magazine - which is why Far Off Places has appeared in audio and digital. We believe in bedtime stories and beautiful craftsmanship, where choice of font and paper type is an artistic decision.

Do make a scenic detour to check out our most recent issue, Trespassers Beware, filled with forbidden fruit and paths not taken. All of our issues currently available to devour are listed below (aren’t they pretty? We think so.) - click on the link to get your paws on shiny copies! And if you’re curious but quite sure if this is for you, you can always download one of our free taster.