Whee, a balloon

Far Off Places

Episode 23: Where prose meets poetry

Finola Scott chats to Jessica Johanneson Gaitan about putting the clothes on a story, and what home tastes like. Prose and poetry from 'Sartorial', 'Between the Leaves' and 'The Second Breakfast'.

Music by Gurdonark.

Episode 22: Surrounded by firetrucks and unicorns

Tonight she was going to see a unicorn, a real live one just like in the movies. She knew because Uncle Tom had said so. He'd said that every full moon the unicorns all came out to eat the apples in the old orchard. Mum had shushed him and said not to be so silly, but that's when he'd winked, right at her so she'd know for absolute sure it was true.

Bizarre and beautiful bedtime stories from the wonderful Adam Barnett, originally published in 'The Back of Beyond' and 'Between the Leaves'. Music by Gurdonark.

Episode 21: The Sun-Soaked Kitchen

What do you wear to meet your lover's lover on an August summer's evening that calls for light clothes, light make up. Lightness? When all you want to do is hide away alone and allow your thoughts to rise in the darkness as you try to work out what just happened. She is on her way, in a taxi, to my house. She is wearing a fitted black fifties repro dress, red hot lipstick and is carrying a bottle of Veuve Cliquot. Can you imagine a more glamorous or confident image than this?

The latest news from the magazine, alongside short fiction by Karen French. Music by Gurdonark.

Episode 20: Birds and Burds

Poet Georgi Gill met up with our Jess to do some bird-watching from an Edinburgh tower. We also establish the rules for the 'port of rejection' and listen to the most poetic shipping forecast ever to come out of dry land.

Poetry by Georgi Gill.

Music by Gurdonark.

Episode 19: Call for Submissions

A slightly different podcast this time round: we chat to our (fairly...) new editors and fellow mischief makers about their website The Rookery in the Bookery and — drum roll please! — announce our latest call for submission.

Music by Gurdonark.