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Far Off Places

The People

Annie Rutherford grew up in the town where Peter Pan was born, and fast followed his example by running away from home -- to Edinburgh, Berlin, Moscow, Paris... She writes, edits, organises poetry festivals and promotes independent theatre in Scotland and Germany. In her spare time, she's the sidekick to a literary vigilante and she can spot a misplaced apostrophe at a distance of 50 yards.

Trevor Fountain has spent most of his life in Scotland or deep in the American South yet still can't decide on how to properly spell 'whisk(e)y'. He also publishes Pocket Poetry, a daily poetry app for iOS, and resides in Abu Dhabi, where his spelling problem is largely irrelevant.

The indesctructible Beth Barnett can be found traipsing through New England wearing a fabulous hat. She likes dirty limericks, comic books and haggis. She works for Harvard University. Beth and her husband live a half-mile from a chocolate factory, and she is pleased she doesn't need a golden ticket to go on a tour there.

Ceris Aston is a feminist, journalist and nemophilist with a love of terrible jokes and a desire to change the world. She tweets @insocrates - a reflection of the fact that she studied philosophy for four years and an anagram of her name. She likes wordplay.

Jessica Johannesson Gaitán finds choosing one thing over another very difficult: languages, genres, she digs the in-between. Growing up in Sweden, with interludes in Colombia, she now lives in Edinburgh with her partner and their corvid trinkets. An early contributor to Far Off Places, her work can also be found in The Stinging Fly, Structo, and Ink, Sweat and Tears among others. She thinks she likes to run.

Adam Ley-Lange has a made up last name - a gift from his grandparents. He continues the family tradition of making things up by writing short stores. Such stories have appeared in Structo, Almond Press's Fall anthology, and Far Off Places. he loves corvids of all kinds and, despite his habit of using a typewriter, is not a hipster.