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We like to get post. Here’s where to direct your pigeon post to.

We’re no longer open to submissions. However, if we’ve already accepted a piece of yours, and you have questions about our editing process, or anything of that ilk, send a paper aeroplane to annie@faroffplaces.org.

If you’re curious about the art in the magazine, want to send us your portfolio or would just like to compliment our designer, send your postcards to beth@faroffplaces.org.

Any other queries, whether about subscriptions, press copies, website issues or anything else that tickles your fancy, should be floated downstream to words@faroffplaces.org.

We always try to respond within a week, but if you haven’t heard anything from us by within a fortnight, please do give us a nudge.

To keep up to date with any news, podcasts, blog posts and new issues (as well as general ramblings), follow us on Twitter at @FarOffPlaces and find us on Facebook.

Image (cc) Fellowship of the Rich / Flickr