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November 2018

With a Wake and a Wave

It’s been a long, delightful road, but even the best trips have to come to an end eventually. As planned, our just-released issue (the aptly-and-inevitably-titled But There Is No End) of Far Off Places will be our last. It’s a truly lovely issue (that we hope you’ll sip with care), and we’re definitely going out on a high. We’ll be celebrating its launch, toasting our authors and illustrators, and drowning our own tiny sorrows at a wake (a wake!) on Thursday, 22 November. 7:30, at Lighthouse Books in Edinburgh. As with any wake worth its salt, there’ll be poetry, storytelling and plentiful homemade wine, as well as some pretty great suits. Plus, we’ll have a limited number of print issues for sale — something a fair few fair folk have asked us about. If you can’t make the wake but have put in your name for copies, not to worry: we’ll be in touch!

Speaking of toasts: Far Off Places has always been a tremendously collaborative effort; a project to help shine a little light on up-and-coming writers of all stripes & sizes. We couldn’t have done it without our astonishing authors, our illustrious illustrators, and — of course — you, our uncommonly handsome and winsome readers. Ceris Aston helped us through our first few volumes, and without her Far Off Places would never have gone beyond the “hey, wouldn’t it be great if…” stage. We’ve also had help along the way from some terrific guest editors & proofers: Jessica Johanneson Gaitan, Adam Ley-Lange, Jess Orr, and Gillian Hamnett have all polished their respective issues into shiny, beautiful assemblages of words & wit. None of our print runs — consistently satisfying, but always too few in number! — would have happened without master binder Nicky Davidson. And once upon a time, to our surprise and delight, we had an intern, Eleanor O’Neill, who we trust has gone on to bring her mix of whimsical competence to further and greater things.

And finally: we’re going to take this winter to sneak in some much-deserved hibernation, but we’ll be looking to re-launch the Far Off Podcast sometime in the spring. Gone but not forgotten, and maybe soon to rise again.

With our warmest, wordy, whimsical wishes,

— Annie, Beth, and Trevor

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