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Partying in different languages: join us on 30 September

Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of French articles trying on their little black dresses, and Russian verbs wondering which conjugation suits them best. (It’s got to be the first person present. Just saying.)

Put on your gladrags and join us for a shindig at Forest Cafe in Edinburgh on Friday, 30 September, from 7pm till 8pm, when we’ll be celebrating the well-travelled word and unsung heroes of literature: translators. To mark International Translation Day, we’ll be working with the lovely folks from Glasgow Review of Books (go check them out!) bringing together writers, translators and artists who make words travel in the most surprising of ways. Come join us and listen to:

  • Kevin Mclean and Katie Ailes of the Loud Poets, performing Alexandra Smith’s translation of The War Hasn’t Started Yet;
  • a new look at Google Translate, from Juana Adcock;
  • a musical translation of poetry by Tim Cooper;
  • German words interwoven with English from JL Williams;
  • translations of poetry by Ken Cockburn;
  • and something unexpected by Flavia D’Avila.

We’ll also have the lovely Sarah Morton on board to translate the event into art.

Look forwarding, mesdames et messieurs, euch willkommen zu heißen! До скорого!

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