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Hello lovely people, happy world book day!

We hope you’re celebrating in style today and are enjoying:

  • Public Library by Ali Smith, with a large mug of black coffee—Annie

  • The Revolving Door of Life by Alexander McCall Smith with a nice cuppa (coconut oolong)—Beth

  • Hamilton by Ron Chernow, with a shot of untaxed whiskey—Trevor

(And if you live in Edinburgh, do pop by to the tardis nearest you and pick up a literary gift or two. We’re quite excited about this ourselves!)

We’ve been a bit quiet the last wee while, we know. To reassure you that we’re still alive and kicking (ouch!), here’s what we’re up to in the Far Off Places HQ:

  • Annie has almost finished editing Found in Translation. Two more pieces to go, and then she’ll be on to proofreading. (Yay!) She’s also busy planning all of the other little bits and pieces that make up the magazine—gathering the authors’ and translators’ biographies, coming up with a table of contents and pondering a letter from the editors.

  • Beth is illustrating the cover image for Found in Translation. It’s top secret at the moment, but she’s promised us it’ll be weird and wonderful.

  • Trevor is making all of our shiny widgets even shinier.

We’ve also been spring cleaning. And while spring cleaning we found:

  • A make-your-own-snowman kit the size of a matchbox.

  • That cheque we spent last week looking for.

  • And a bunch of handbound copies of Far Off Places!

That makes it sound like we’d lost the handbound copies of Far Off Places. It’d be closer to the truth to say that they were just too high up to reach… We tend to print and bind copies of the magazine to sell when we have a stall or an event somewhere, but as a World Book Day treat, we wanted to offer copies to YOU, dear reader.


That’s right: we have a (very!) limited number of print copies of The Epistolary Edition, Sartorial and The Second Breakfast for sale!

Great! How much do they cost?

£4.50 plus postage for one issue, or £8 (plus postage) for two. Or if you’re an author in one of those issues, you get it at a discounted rate of £3 (plus postage).

Me! Me! Pick me!

Just send an email to annie[at]faroffplaces.org, and we’ll figure out payment methods and the rest from there.

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