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April 2015

New editors!

JessYou might have heard that we’ve been working with a couple of new editors recently, Jessica Johanneson Gaitan and Adam Ley-Lange. Adam and Jess came on board as guest editors for The Epistolary Edition, and we’ve enjoyed working them with so much that we persuaded them to stay with us for at least a wee bit longer. We’re really quite excited that we’ll be working on the issue following The Epistolary Edition in collaboration with their website The Rookery in the Bookery. More details about that soon…

For now though, we sat down with Jess, Adam, a pot of coffee and a tub of ice cream to find out a little more about them.

Which fairy tale character are you?

Jess: Automatically I’d say the little mermaid! That sounds horrible, but I was obsessed with that story as a child. I like the idea of turning into bubbles.

Adam: As a kind of Rorschach split second answer, the first person I thought of was Bluebeard. Adam But I don’t want to be Bluebeard! And I’m vegetarian, the idea of chopping up a body is repellent.

Which far off place is next on your list?

Adam: My next far off place is Moscow, where we’ve been invited to play a gig. But it all sounds a bit suspect…

Jess: Yarm.

If you had to have a fragment of poetry tattooed on your body, what would it be?

Jess: I’d like a quote from the Swedish poet Sofia Stenström’s book Venus Vanish: ‘Någon går in i en annans mörker. Här lyser för alla en sol.’ The literal translation is: ‘Someone goes into another’s darkness. Here a sun shines for all.’

Adam: I’m more of a short story person. I’d take a line from George Saunders’ story, 10th of December. The protagonist is about to die, and he hallucinates back having piano lessons in the sun room as a child. There’s the line, ‘Don’t die just yet, there are plenty of people who wish to judge you harshly in the sun room.’

What’s your ideal lazy breakfast?

Jess: Pancakes.

Adam: Kilimanjaro’s vegetarian breakfast, please, but delivered to my home.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Adam and Jess: We really, really like corvids.

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