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March 2015

News, and more news

Hello stranger!

Things have been rather quiet at the Far Off Places blog over the past few months, as you might have noticed. Do not be fooled by the calm; the Far Off Places headquarters has been buzzing with life, excitement and escaped bees.

You might have noticed that we launched our most recent issue, The Second Breakfast a couple of weeks back. If you hadn’t, stop reading this now, and go buy your copy! The issue is the first to showcase our new design, and we take our hat off to our design team for the new striking design — we love it! As ever, thanks to the many writers who shared our words with us — we’re honoured to be able to offer them a home.

Far Off Places at the SPL

We’ve had some very exciting news this week: Far Off Places has been invited to join the periodical shelves at our beloved Scottish Poetry Library. So if reading on screen isn’t your thing, or if you just want to see some of your favourite pieces in flesh and ink, saunter down the Royal Mile and take a peek. (Hurry though, they’ll be closing for building works over the summer!)

In other news, we’ve been working with two guest editors on our upcoming issue The Epistolary Edition. Jessica Johannesson Gaitan and Adam Ley-Lange are no strangers to the magazine — they featured in Under the Bed and Between the Leaves respectively, and have been wonderfully supportive writers and readers ever since. You might remember Jessica from the podcast we recorded with the SPL. Working with guest editors has been a fascinating experience, encouraging us to wander in unexplored directions and to read pieces in unexpected ways. So much so, that we’re delighted that Adam and Jessica have agreed to continue their collaboration with Far Off Places. The next issue of Far Off Places will be in collaboration with Adam and Jessica’s website The Rookery in the Bookery, so watch this space for some feathered flights of fancy…

On a more personal note, we’re also delighted for our wonderful art director, Beth, who got married in December to a writer of children’s stories, dirty limericks and accessibility software. Although we’re slightly disappointed that she no longer shares a name with the Big Bad Wolf(e), we feel her new alliterative name is a more than acceptable alternative. If her name’s anything to go by, Bethany Barnett seems to have morphed from a fairy tale villain into a superhero’s alter-ego. We, of course, know that she is both. We wish them adventures and happy ever afters galore, and look forward to celebrating with them next time they’re this side of the Atlantic.

That’s it from us for now, we’ll return to reading submissions. Check back soon though for a mini-interview with our guest editors!

(Okay, we might have lied about the bees.)

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