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July 2014

Dressed Up To The Nines

It’s that time again: our latest issue, ‘Sartorial’, has had its italics ironed out and is searching through its wardrobe (aka, designer Beth’s computer) for the perfect outfit to make an entrance in. We just want to make sure that it really has had its apostrophes plucked to the highest possible standard and then we’ll be sending this best-dressed of literary magazines out onto the high street and - if you subscribe (You should, you know. You really should.) - into your inbox.

We’ll save our copious enthusiasm for the issue until ‘Sartorial’ launches, but suffice to say that we are utterly in love with this baby. So whether you like your reading to be as cosy as a favourite pair of pajamas or as striking as those new red boots, save a space in your wardrobe for this one.

First though, we have a date for your diaries!

We are utterly thrilled that ‘Sartorial’ will be the very first issue of Far Off Places with its own dedicated launch party. We’ll be celebrating with a catwalk of the written word, presenting just a few of the wonderful writers published among the pages of Sartorial. We’ll also be holding a clothes swap - so dig out that jumper which your aunt gave you and you never wear. Maybe you’ll be able to swap it for some shiny new tap shoes. Come celebrate with us at 7pm on Tuesday 5th August in Forest Cafe, 141 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh!

Entrance is free. Dressing up - whether in a ball gown or in a onesie - is encouraged.

Sartorial (c) Lauren Hammond

Image (cc) Lauren Hammond/ Flickr

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