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May 2014

The Second Breakfast

Hello, lovely people! You might have noticed that we’ve opened submissions for our next issue, on the theme of The Second Breakfast. We’re looking for tantalising and tasty prose, delirious and delicious poetry and creative and crunchy drama. Send your stories our way, so we can get munching!

Serendipitously enough, today is Eat what you want day. Admittedly, this doesn’t change a huge amount for most of the editorial team. We’re great believers of everything in moderation - including moderation. Nonetheless, in honour of the occasion we had a ponder of what delicacies our ideal feast day would encompass. Read on to get your taste buds tingling and creative juices flowing.


Breakfast: All good days begin with coffee. To make the day extra good, the coffee could be accompanied by mango smoothie, or some such concoction, and piping hot waffles with criminal amounts of maple syrup, and heaps with strawberries, melon, banana…

Lunch: Baked Camembert, scooped out of its dish with baguette. Mmmm…

Afternoon tea: More coffee, of course, perhaps with gooey chocolate brownies, or with ginger and honey scones.

Dinner: I make a mean risotto with olives, sun dried tomatoes and cheese, so I’d probably invite some friends over to share that with a bottle of white wine.

The day would finish with my infamous hot chocolate - dark chocolate melted in double cream. (This is the espresso of hot chocolate - not to be consumed in great quantities!)

Just a cup of coffee (c) Annie Rutherford


Breakfast: French toast with strawberries, blackberries and bananas. To drink, a nice cup of tea. Accompanied by stack of comics to read while I eat.

Lunch: A big Middle-Eastern style feast. Couscous with onion, raisin and date sauce, cucumber salad, beet salad, hummus, tabbouleh, finished off by oranges with cinnamon on top.

Dinner: After lunch’s feast, a piece of na’an with avocado on top. Possibly with a fried egg as well.

Pancakes! (c) Nicky DavidsonCeris

Breakfast: Perfect Sundays begin with a pot of tea, good company and pancakes with all the fillings. Lemon and sugar (classic), ice-cream, skooshy cream, maple syrup, banana, chocolate, marshmallows, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries…

Lunch: Baguette, cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives, ready salted crisps. Probably on a picnic, after walking off some of the pancakes.

Dinner: Baked potatoes, with proper skins, smothered in butter and rosemary and salt to cook, then served with ratatouille and salad and cheese. I probably couldn’t manage to eat all of these things in one day, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. You’ll have noticed a certain fondness for cheese.

Pudding: Fruit salad and sorbet. Fresh and light and delicious.

smacks lips

Time for a snack…

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