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As all you reading fiends might be aware (or were you too engrossed in that borrowed paperback to notice?), the generosity of the fourteenth of February is rather more general this year: it’s International Book Giving Day! Love is all around - but particularly to be found between the pages of Astrid Lindgren, Dodie Smith, Judith Kerr…

International Book Giving Day is mainly about getting books into the hands and hearts of children—readers are encouraged to give a book to a young family member or friend, to leave a book in a waiting room for a child to find or to donate a ‘gently used’ book to a local library, hospital or shelter.

Here at the Far Off Places HQ, we think this a pretty splendid idea. And as no reader ever really grows up, we figured we’d spread the literary love with those of you who’ve made it to double figures: we have digital back copies of our first few issues, and we’re looking to send them to loving homes.

I'll give you all I can... (cc) Brandon C Warren

So whether you’re looking for some poetry to go with your Saturday brunch, or fancy a fairy tale to read to your goddaughter, send an email any time on the fourteenth to words[at]faroffplaces.org stating which issue you’d like (Fairy Tales Retold, The Back of Beyond, or Under the Bed) and your words of whimsy will be dispatched with utmost speed.

Image (cc) Brandon C Warren/ Flickr

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