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January 2014

I'm late, I'm late!

We know. We’re sorry. There have been various reasons for our recent lull in activity:

  1. We were playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts.
  2. We dropped our gloves and pocket watch.
  3. The walrus sang a song about the sea.
  4. We crossed a continent or two, got offered a job and did other exciting things.

Later than a rabbit in Alice (cc) brandoncwarrenIt’s been a busy few months, even by the standards of our editorial team, who are pretty hardened when it comes to rabbit holes and adventures. Our digital publisher moved across two continents and took up a new job. Our designer also got a new job and started designing e-books and other remarkable things. One of our editors spent a stint in Paris as a journalist, and since returning to Edinburgh has been unleashing kindness into the world with her newly launched campaign Take a Cup of Kindness (take a peek - we’re pretty impressed!). Our other editor spends a sizable proportion of her time working at a literary centre, and the rest of her time trying to explain to people what a literary centre is. She has also conclusively proven that one can have one’s cake and eat it, as long as one makes enough cake.

All of this hustle and bustle has lead to some reconsideration (dare I say, reluctant realism?) on our part. Fear not, Far Off Places shall continue to launch written whimsy into the world on a regular basis. However, to avoid delays on launching new issues, we’ll aim to publish issues every four months or so, rather than every quarter. This means we’ll be certain of being able to fill each issue with the Tender Loving Care it deserves without running the risk of being later than a rabbit in Alice.

Time for Tea (cc) brandoncwarren

For the moment, Between the Leaves is in production and will be appearing very soon. Meanwhile, the word-watchers have been bewitched and bedazzled by all of your wonderful submissions on the theme of Sartorial. Almost final decisions have been made, so if you sent a paper missive our way, you’ll hear back from us within the next fortnight.

We’ll also be getting the podcasts up and running over the next couple of weeks — we had to put them on hold when our microphone went off a-wandering through Scotland all on its own. Thankfully, it stayed out of Mr McGregor’s cabbage patch, but we’ve taken the precaution of giving it camomile tea and putting it to bed nonetheless.

Forgive me, I’d best be off. I need to make some more cake.

Images (cc) Brandon Warren/ Flickr

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