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Illuminating Illustrators: Emily Stanbury

One of the things we’re extremely grateful for at Far Off Places is being lucky enough to have some remarkably talented and delightfully quirky illustrators. Given that we like them so much, we thought you might want to meet them too. First up is Emily Stanbury. Awesome fact number 1 about Emily: she’s an artist with a royal seal of approval. She recently received thank you letters from both the Queen and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after sending them copies of her book The Royal Baby.

Far Off Places: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Emily: I’m a 22 year old artist and illustrator living in Cornwall. I devote my time to creating imaginative pictures and a large majority of pictures with my cats. Cats (c) Emily Stanbury

I graduated from University College Falmouth over a year ago with a degree in Illustration. My work is centred around my love of children’s stories and pictures which I force on as many people as I know either via facebook or on scraps of paper where I may have doodled something. Since the birth of Prince George, I have developed a love of drawing the Royal Family. I hope the Queen is around a little longer as she’s my favourite to draw.

Far Off Places: Which Far Off Place is next on your list?

Emily: I would love to say I’m planning a really exciting trip around the world in a hot air balloon but I would need to overcome a fear of heights and learn how to read a map to do that. So I’ll be truthful and reveal I’m very boring and haven’t got anything planned apart from sleeping on my sister’s sofa early next year to do an art event with Inclusive Minds for the Imagine Children’s Festival on 21 February.

Far Off Places: What’s the weirdest material you’ve ever used to make a work of art?

Emily: When I was doing a GCSE art project I ran out of acrylic paint whilst painting a portraiture image. So I rummaged through my make up bag and used a Rimmel foundation instead. It didn’t work well and certainly didn’t look good.

Far Off Places: We currently have submissions open on the theme of Sartorial. What pair of shoes captures your essence?

Emily: I would love to say a elegant stiletto but I will have to go for the shoes I choose to wear the most which is an old pair of plimsoll trainers that are falling to pieces. I hope I appear better than my faded and worn footwear but with time they have moulded to my feet, are faithfully comfortable and are compatible with anything in my wardrobe. I hope someone would describe me as having characteristics as good as my smelly shoes!!!

Old trainers (c) Emily Stanbury

Far Off Places: Where would you look for a Bogle?

Emily: I secretly know that most Bogles seem to hide out at garden centres but whenever I lose something it tends to turn up in a magazine or a book I might have been reading. Of course a phone or eyeliner is the best thing to use as a book mark! Or if my cat is missing she is usually stuck up a tree or on the roof, so I would follow these recurring places for missing things if I needed to find a Bogle.

Sketches for 'Looking for a Bogle' (c) Emily Stanbury

Emily’s sketches for her illustration in Far Off Place’s third issue.

Far Off Places: Tell us a joke.

Emily: I’m terrible at telling them, I always get the punch line mixed up! Luckily this is written! The only one I can ever remember is:

I used to be a werewolf but I’m fine NOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

All images copyright Emily Stanbury

Emily illustrated Alexander Hamilton’s story ‘Looking for a Bogle’ in our third issue, ‘Under the Bed’. You can see more cats as well as some royal babies on her website and her facebook page. (We particularly like the Union Jack underpants.)

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