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Cake. So much cake. (And a free magazine.)

Hello! It’s our birthday today.

Have some cake.

We should confess, Far Off Places are slightly greedy when it comes to birthdays. We also like to claim 9 March, the day we launched our first issue at StAnza. 25 November, however, marks the day that Beth, Trevor and Annie sat in a room with a view in Edinburgh, surrounded by several bottles of blackberry wine, and decided to make a magazine. Together we were a designer, a web designer and an editor—and we knew that we possessed a reliable font of enthusiasm in the shape of a Ceris, who happened to be elsewhere. (The fact that Ceris was also a merciless comma splice slayer was a fact yet to be discovered.)

It is tempting to claim that we founded the magazine in a fit of blissful ignorance and joyful naivity—a ‘how hard can it be?’ sort of mood. However, it had just as much to do with passion, whimsy, curiosity and an intense playfulness. And those characteristics (joyful naivity and all) are still what make Far Off Places what we are

Another characteristic that makes us what we are is our fondness for cake, and our fondness for sharing cake. Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to share cake online. So instead, we thought we’d treat our readers to a present. Just for today, if you buy an issue of Far Off Places, you get another issue of your choice for free. Just go to faroffplaces.org/sales and treat yourself to a copy of the magazine. At the end of the day (or the beginning of the next day), we’ll email you, ask which issue you’d like for free, and we’ll treat you to that one.

Have some more cake.

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