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A-Bogling They Did Go, Heigh Ho

A week has passed, and the time has come to award three intrepid Bogle hunters for their exploits. We were not, I repeat not, influenced in any way whatsoever by the cuteness of certain photos submitted… In no particular order, metaphorical gold medals go to:

Seth Crook

for his shadow of a Bogle seen on a beach on the Isle of Mull.


Jeni Macleod

for a Bogle hole discovered under a Wishing Stone with the help of her dog, Kelpie.

Jeni Macleod 2

Jeni Macleod 1

“I’m darn sure I saw wee jaggy teeth flash at me from the shadows. We’re going to keep bogling til he comes out. I have tea & scones on the stove day and night, in hope. Would just love to meet him.”

Rosie Rutherford

on behalf of Billy, Caramel and Ooshi Bear, who found a Bogle under a chaise. (Editorial team’s joint reaction: “Soooo cute!”)


Congratulations to all intrepid Bogle hunters! Copies of Far Off Places are winging their way to you as we speak.

Photos (copyright) Seth Crook, Jeni Macleod and Rosie Rutherford

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