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October 2013

Competition: Looking Under The Bed

Those of you with sharp eyes and sharp ears (although hopefully not too sharp, or you might end up with odd, accidental haircuts) will have noticed that our third issue, Under the Bed, has now been published. It is our longest and most illustrated issue to date - and given its Halloween-based theme, it might also be our creepiest… As always with Far Off Places though, Under the Bed is full of surprises: from pumpkin pies to porpoises, hidden hamsters to children’s stories, we’re pretty sure we’ve got a piece in there which will make you chuckle, as well as another one where you’ll flick back to the beginning to read it again. Curious? Get your hands on your own issue here.

That’s all fine and dandy, I can hear you saying, but what about the competition that you mentioned in the title? Aha, my hearties, that’s where you’re in for a treat. Y’see, last week we showcased ‘Looking for a Bogle’ from Issue III in our podcast. If you didn’t hear it then, go listen now. I’ll make myself a cuppa while you’re doing that, and then I’ll finish explaining when you’re back.

Like it? It’s fun, isn’t it?

We were rather chuffed with listeners’ reactions to the podcast. We got particularly excited when one of our authors said that she and her three-year-old were going to go looking for bogles later that afternoon. It made us think of Pooh and Pigglet looking for Weezles. And that got us thinking: everyone should have the chance to look for a bogle.

So, we’re going to offer a few lucky readers/listeners/random web browsers the chance to win a free (FREE!) copy of Under The Bed (or a back issue of their choice if they already have Issue III). What do you have to do to be one of the lucky few, I hear you cry? Simply, go looking for a bogle and email the evidence to words@faroffplaces.org by midnight on Halloween. We look forward to seeing your photos, pictures and stories. Our favourites will be posted on the blog and the top three bogle hunters can select an issue of Far Off Places for their very own.

(If you’ve already got a subscription to Far Off Places, but fancy joining in any way - please do! Either let us know you’re bogling just for the fun of it, or put a smile on someone’s face by selecting them to receive your Far Off Places issue should you win.)

Still rather unsure about what you’re meant to do? Well, I’d suggest you listen to the podcast again. And then take a look at the bogle hunting attempts of the editorial team below. Really though, the world is your oyster. The only rule is to let us know you’ve been a-bogling by Halloween, in a way which is as creative/whimsical/spooky/hilarious as you know how.


We started looking in a graveyard, as it seemed like A Promising Place To Look, but it was a bit to dark and creepy for us to linger for long.

looking for a bogle 1


Did the dog find the bogle, or did the bogle find the dog?

cat finds a bogle.jpg


DSCF5182.JPGOnce upon a time, a little girl called Annie (who wanted to be the editor of Far Off Places magazine when she grew up) went for a walk with her radio. Her radio was great fun, but it wasn’t very good at listening. Annie wanted a friend who would listen to her.

Suddenly, the radio announced that there were reports of Bogle Sightings in the Very Area Where Annie Was Walking. Annie wanted a bogle. She got out her map, and looked to see whether it showed where you could find Bogle Sightings.


While she was looking at the map, she heard a scuffling behind it, in the wall. Annie folded up her map, and looked at the wall. The wall looked at Annie.


‘Hello bogle,’ said Annie. ‘Hello Annie,’ said the bogle.


Images © Ceris Aston and Annie Rutherford

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