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Leaves for our pillow

Yippee di dooda, yippee di day! My oh my, it’s a writing prompt day! (Ha, that even scans.)

When we go to Neverland, we have to climb up this spiral staircase to get to the Far Off Places office. We like tree houses. They bring us closer to the heavens. They teach us the glory of dappled things. They smell of fresh foliage and warm wood. On rainy days we type in time to the patter on the roof. We wake up to the sun through yellow curtains, and a rainbow on the wall.

Tell us about your tree houses.

tree house

Send your winged/leafy/mossy missiles to submissions[at-thingamajiggy]faroffplaces.org. Be a darling and check our submissions guidelines first, won’t you? Ta, love.

Image: (cc) CmdrGravy/ Flickr

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