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How to write your socks off. (And why.)

We love Garrison Keiller’s hilarious poem The Solo Sock. (Actually, we love Garrison Keiller full stop. And we love socks. So it’s a pretty awesome combination.) The poem ponders the eternal phenomenon of the disappearing sock, with mock-serious results:

About missing socks, we have very few facts.

Some say cats steal them to use for backpacks,

Or desperate Norwegians willing to risk

Prison to steal socks to make lutefisk.

But the robbery theories just don’t hold water:

Why would they take one and not take the odder?

In this week’s writing prompt, we thought we’d spare a thought for the sock left behind. After all, if, as Keiller claims, “half of all socks need to be individual”, what about the half that don’t?

Try writing a poem or a prose piece from the point of view of the sock that got left behind.

What dark deeds happened in the sock drawer to drive its missing partner away? Does the odd sock have its own quirky view on the joys of being single? Or has it decided to move on - what would a lonely hearts ad for a new partner look like?


Have some fun with this one, and let us know what you come up with! We’ll be waiting at our desks with impatience to read your words of whimsy, so send them along to submissions@faroffplaces.org.

Image: (cc) jek in the box/ flickr

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