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(Insert Abba pun here.)

You might have noticed that there have been some stifled high-pitched giggles emanating from Far Off Places HQ recently. (Or fophq, as we like to call ourselves. Try saying that after a drink. Or on second thoughts, don’t.) Admittedly, this might have had something to do with Romania’s costume at Eurovision this weekend. However, we haven’t just spent the last few days counting smoke machines and coming up with Abba related puns. Instead, we’re even more excited about some news rather closer to home. (Sorry, Bonnie Tyler.)

(Drum roll, smoke machine, change of lighting.)

We’ve been dreaming for a while of producing an audioversion of Far Off Places to sit beside the digital publication, and have decided to get this baby rolling, starting with Issue II. (Eee!)

The plan:

1) We will release a limited number of pieces from each issue as podcasts in the weeks leading up to and following the publication of the digital edition. In the case of Issue II, these are tentatively planned for June - August. This’ll give you a chance to whet your appetite for the upcoming issue. (Miam.)

2) We’ll then package up recordings of all the pieces from that issue and release them as an audiobook.

3) And then we’ll start again with the next issue!

We’ll be keeping our authors in the loop throughout the recording process, with some Edinburgh-based authors also lined up to record their own pieces. We’d also love to get other readers involved, but this is all a bit dependent on logistics. However, if you think you might be interested, do drop us a line!

The audiobook plan has got our pulses racing, as there is nothing quite as luxurious nor as comforting as having someone read to you. So whether you’re looking to curl up on the sofa for a bedtime story, or want some company while you do the ironing, do check back here over the next few weeks. Far Off Places at your service.

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