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January 2013

Any road will take you there

A few weeks ago, Annie told you our origin story (because we’re a group of international superheroes). This week, it’s my turn. From looking back, to looking forward.

What, precisely, do we have in mind for Far Off Places?

It’s ambitious, to say the least. To start, an online journal available as a PDF, complemented by a iOS Newsstand edition. The layout will start soon, the Newsstand is looking good (more on this later from Trevor).

I’m creating the layouts with printing in mind, along with a consistency that carries through the two (and hopefully three) media that the magazine is available in. There are common typefaces to be used, and I hope that each will have exactly the same content (we’re working on the images).

We hope to print subsequent editions, but printing is expensive (even some of our less expensive options). We could always go old school, printing off of printers and photocopiers, stapling our editions together for the true home-made-zine feel. But what we want is to have a solid, gorgeous printed edition, something we can proudly put on our coffee tables and in our bookshelves.

Layout starts soon, once the editing is completely finished and all illustrations have been received. The first edition will be out some time in March!

As always, Far Off Places is, first and foremost, an online ‘zine. We couldn’t put it together without the internet, especially given that the editorial staff spans two continents and three countries (UK, Germany and the US).

By Candlelight and Wine-glow

Hey! It’s January! Which means Christmas is winding to a close, our friends (and, ahem, maybe ourselves) are recovering from the New Year, and submissions for the first issue of Far Off Places are closed. As I write this three of our four editors (the fourth is present in spirit and, more importantly, on Skype) are clustered around an old pine table, reading fairy tales to one another by candlelight. We’ve uncorked a bottle of elderflower wine and roasted a bowl of oven chips (hey, we are in Scotland); it’s shaping up to be a lovely evening here at Far Off HQ.

Far Off HQ

So far we’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the quantity, quality, and variety of poetry and prose we’ve received over the past month — sitting down and reading through submissions is something to which we’ve all been looking forward, and it’s proving to be at least as exciting as we’d hoped. Right now it looks like the first issue will contain about twenty pieces, with a pretty even mix of poetry and prose. If you’re one of the lovely people who has submitted a written piece or illustration portfolio you should expect to hear back from us within the next week or so as we finish responding to submissions.

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