Whee, a balloon

Far Off Blog

Why, hello.

What a pleasant surprise. I suppose we should introduce ourselves. Far Off Places, at your service. Calligraphers, minstrels and swashbucklers all, we accidentally wandered into the 21st century thirteen years ago and decided to make a life of it here.

The idea was born in the brief sunshine between showers, as we lounged in literary deckchairs in Edinburgh’s Charlotte Square. The plan, as hazy as the chill clinging to our clothes, was to disseminate poetry amongst innocent bystanders and to give young writers a chance to flex their wing muscles. Weapon of choice: the quill. Well, not quite - we envisaged a zine, accidentally on purpose left in the cafes and bars of this gothic city. Exquisitely crafted and small enough to slip into a pocket, it would be so entrancing that even the most cynical of poetry sceptics would find themselves stroking its spine.

Nights of scheming turned into days of dreaming and the plan took stubborn root and grew. The zine turned into a magazine, published both digitally and with a limited print run. Illustrations, sparked by stories, sprouted. We argued over font size. We debated the merits of flash fiction. And one fine frosty day, we woke up to find we had a website. We had arrived.

We’ll be continuing to journey over the next few months, collecting submissions to create our first ever issue, scheduled for March. Until then, keep checking back! We’ll be using this space to showcase the magazine as it emerges, and to tell you a bit more about ourselves. We’d love to hear from you! If you’re curious, or would like to get involved, send us an email or float a message in a bottle in our direction.

I will be back. I am going to get cake.

Cake eaten.

Hmm. Christmas! »