Whee, a balloon

Far Off Places


annie.jpgWhich fairy tale character are you?

Perhaps Little Red Riding Hood, because I want her coat. Also because I am prone to pick flowers and talk to strangers. Or maybe Scheherazade, who tells stories each night to save her life in 1001 Arabian Nights. I love the idea of weaving stories into the fabric of life - stories become both a survival method, and a reason to live, to love, to laugh.

Which far off place is next on your list?

Istanbul! I have long yearned to stand on the bridge between two continents.

What was your earliest childhood dream?

The earliest dream I remember is wanting to run a bookshop with a small cafĂ© in one of the colourful houses by the harbour in Tobermory, on the island of Mull. I decided that I should marry an accountant, who could deal with the boring bits, and I would be free to organise readings, which would of course be of children’s books and in costume. Husband aside, this is probably still my plan b.

If you had to have a fragment of poetry tattooed on your body, what would it be?

“Creatures with eyes looking upwards, who walked dreaming” - from JL Williams’ wonderful poem ‘Imago’.